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Kovico meets the customer's needs using the largest electro deposition coating facility in Korea.

ED Coating Introduction

ED Coating - The comestic ultra ED coating facility -

- We have raised the performance of the rust prevention painting by up to 4 times.
- The Measure of Capacity : Length 7m, Width 2.5m, Height 2.2m
- Uniform coating thickness(20㎛) and polishing surface.
- Perfect Prevention of Noise in Hiden, Jointed, Welded Area and Corners

ED Coating Techniques

Electro deposition coating

- Electric current flows between the metal surface (+) and the coat (-) so that the coat is bound to the surface
- Prevents humidity from touching the surface and helps the coats adhere.

Undercoat and middle coat

- These are applied to the surface of for electro-deposition coating and prevent the rust.
- It helps the top coat to be well stuck to the electro-deposition coat. It is a coat which is critical for the quality of coating.

Top coat

- This creates the color, smoothness and gloss of the vehicle.
- 2 or 3 coats are applied to the high class vehicles to create an even better quality coating. The photo showing the electro-deposition coating.