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Overview of Ethical Management

'Ethical management' means a series of management activities regarding economic, social, and environmental responsibilities of a company for its consistent growth.

Ethical Code(CODE)

Idea of Ethical Management

The idea of ethical management of Kovico is [transparent management, win-win management, and social contribution]. Based on this idea, the ethical code has been established in reflection of the basic idea of Kovico management.

Ethics Policy

Top management of Kovico announced the ethical management policy to inform every concerned person of the company's firm intention of ethical management.

Code of Ethics

The 'Code of Ethics' of Kovico was established and came into effect on January 1, 2006.

Basic Ethics for Employees Responsibilities and Obligations Before Customers
All employees of Kovico maintain honest and faithful attitudes with pride and self-esteem as part of it. The primary goal of every behavior is customer satisfaction. We always respect and think in the position of customers since they are the very reason of the company's existence.
Establishment of the order of fair and transparent transactions Corporate Responsibilities for Employees
In every business and sales activity, the regulations in the country or region are complied with and the customs for commercial transactions are respected. The company respect dignity of individual employees and treat them with faith and affection. Religious and political ideas and privacy of employees are respected.
Ethics Policy

Korean Vehicle Industry Co., Ltd has ethical management policy to keep base and principle by ethical management and to be given reliability and respect from not only customers but also the society and to attain company vision by ethical regulations and to develop sound organization culture.
The company and its employees shall put ethical management into practice and keep goals below in mind.

Respect customers' opinions all the time and create values that can help customers.
Observe not only domestic laws but also international laws not to commit illegal actions and unethical actions by using supreme status, and build up cooperative relations with parties interested to look for common prosperity.
Respect of individual's personality not to discriminate, and be given fair opportunity and rating and not to look for unfair personal interest.
Join public interest activities actively as a member of the society to help develop the country and the society.

All of the employees shall understand the ethical management policy to put signature on written oath of ethical management practice and to strengthen will of observance of the ethical regulations. The department of ethical management shall enact ethical regulations to establish system and keep practice and to review and improve appropriateness and effectiveness regularly, and CEO shall support all of resources to assure of effectiveness.

CEO Cho Gwang Chael