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Kovico is growing along with the automobile industry of Korea.

Kovico was founded as an independent corporation with three plants in Gwangju as SELBO in 2000.
Since its foundation, Kovico has established and developed its dominant business area in the automobile industry. While supplying finished automobile companies, home and abroad, as OEM items, it has put forth every effort into developing its own brand.

Based on the production know-hows and core corporate values accumulated for 40 years, All of the management and union of Kovico are doing their utmost to supply customers with highest-quality products.


CI represents Kovico. The logo is optimized with harmonious colors against a white background.
Kovico’s CI embodies the will to become a global company based on the stable business management environments.
Blue is the basic color that represents a tenacious spirit, reliability, and customer-orientation. Red indicates management enthusiasm and union skill in meeting the corporate vision.

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