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Since its foundation in 2000,
Kovico has continued to grow under the rapidly
changing environment.

Kovico manufactures rear deck, military vehicle, special vehicle, construction machinery parts, and other specially designed vehicles. It supplies finished automobile companies with the major products, home and abroad, and has exported self-developed special automobiles. It also has consistently invested into technology development, actively proceeding with development of new car models and parts.

Kovico will continue to focus on establishing a firm foundation for business management, securing dynamic forces for growth, based on basic corporate principles, to become a worlds-best company. To this end, efforts will be put into strengthening organizational power through unity of management and union, focusing on production lines. In addition, business ethics social responsibilities are a top priority. Kovico can contribute to the local community as well as be trusted by customers.

Kovico provides customers worldwide with better value. Based on production and design capabilities as well as quality management know-how, it supplies the highest quality products and focuses on becoming a worlds-best company. We hope for constant interestand affection from our customers.

Thank you very much.

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